My name is Josh Lambert and I enjoy photo/videography. I love being creative with short films and nature photos. I have learned many new creative skills from my Communication Arts degree at Western Colorado University.

I have produced many short films in collaboration with fellow students in both classes and extra curricular events. I enjoy making how-to and review videos in my free time.

I have always been one to want to know how things work, and  fix broken things. Repairing things is something I’ve done ever since I can remember. Since around middle school I’ve successfully built and setup computers. Computer repair is one of my favorite things to do. Throughout my career, I’ve worked on and repaired many things in the IT field. My skills expand past the IT field into other realms such as auto repair and even home repairs. My passion is fixing things.

Iā€™m originally from Baton Rouge, LA. I hated the hot muggy weather and decided to move out to Colorado in 2011. My goal was to end up in a mountain town, but it took me a few years to get here. First, I landed in Fort Collins, Loveland, Denver, and finally ended up in the wonderful town of Gunnison!

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