1995 Toyota Hiace Super Custom Limited 200km.


-Aluminum Radiator 48mm 2Core
-4Runner rims/bigger tires and spare
-Sony CarPlay Stereo/Pioneer Speakers
-All LED interior Lights
-EGR Delete (still have original parts)
-Speedometer Converted to MPH

This Limited model has the digital dash, Joyful talk (PA system to talk to people in the back), parking sensors, TEMS suspension, and Keyless locks.

The van runs great and has made many long trips through the mountains. It is in mostly great condition except needing some paint touch ups and light rust fixing. It has relatively new snow tires and gets around 22mpg. It can do 75-80 on the highway but being the brick it is, gets around 19mpg at those speeds.

The only major problem is the A/C only blows cold for about 15 mins, then stops due to the expansion valve sticking. I have the part to swap it.

Selling this magnificent machine because I want another of the same but with a manual transmission.

*might could include a bed platform if interested.