Adobe Lightroom iPhone Pic Enhancement

Today I decided to test out how I could edit an iPhone 7 picture to make a decent sized print.

The iPhone 7 takes a nice 12MP image at 3024 × 4032.

Since the Lightroom app is able to save the photos in DNG (RAW) format, it helped in being able to edit it further. The mobile app has some cool feature, but not near the editing capabilities as the desktop version.

In Lightroom I was able to make the picture look better (in my opinion, I’m not a professional)

I used these setting to get my desired image in the Develop tab.

Next I went to the Print tab and set the desired ppi to 600

This then, will produce a nice 8.5″x11″ print that should look great according to this site

Here is the original image next to the final edited larger image