Helios 44-2 to Nikon F mount adapter

After finding out about the fantastic Helios 44-2 lenses online, I found the perfect one and ordered it on eBay for $35 to my door. It only took 16 days to arrive from Ukraine.

Notice the Helios M42 mount threads compared to the Nikon.

Upon ordering the lens I have read much about how the lens won’t focus to infinity with the cheap adapters out there due to it keeping the lens from being a couple millimeters closer to the sensor.
Many people have put gaskets in the lens to move it closer to the lens to make it focus to infinity. I didn’t really want to mess with the mechanics of the core lens, so I found an easier way. To solve this problem I opted to make my own adapter out of a stock replacement bayonet part for another Nikon lens. I got the part for $0.99 shipped from China.

After a bit of Dremel skills

I trimmed away the main ring and the stuff in the inner circle so the M42 threads would screw right in. With a bit of force it fit on nicely and didn’t crack.

The little bit of M42 thread you see sticking out above the adapter is all that is need to be able to focus to infinity.

Notice how the lens is a little sunk into the camera body.

Now of course the only downside to this adapter is that the lens doesn’t lock in place. (looking to find a cheap easy solution still). But it really doesn’t move a whole lot if your careful and know what you’re doing.